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Testimonials - Corporate

Your presentation was very well done. You took a topic that can be sensitive and made the discussion a very positive experience. Your examples and advice were spot on. You developed a very nice rapport with the audience€“ and I heard many positive comments following the presentation. As we discussed yesterday, I believe this to be an important area and I hope we will find ways to continue to deliver that message.

Mariann Krieger, Partner, Plante Moran

"As a partner with one of the nation's top accounting firms, I have an appreciation for the role that personal image plays in professional success. I want to say that your work with two professionals in our firm has made a notable difference, Patty. Specifically, as a result of your coaching, I have noticed a higher level of executive presence, style, and demeanor in these individual (staff members) – all things that contribute to their success and their professional representation of the firm to both clients and the business community. Not only will I recommend your programs and coaching services to others in the future, but I have already passed your name along to a colleague!"

T. Wheeler, Partner, Deloitte & Touche, LLP

"Who would have thought that Image Training would have such an effect on attorneys? Patty certainly knows how to present the facts and the science on how to support a professional brand message to the world. The result for us has been an immediate upgrade in how not only our attorneys, but our staff are stepping up their game with how they present themselves. Patty's discussion about 3-piece ensemble dressing and wardrobe building on a budget really hit home. Great presentations well worth the investment!"

Terri Spitzig, Administrator, Denenberg Tuffley, PLLC

At PwC, we have had the opportunity to use Patty's services with four of our female staff members. Patty built a close, trusting relationship with each person and utilized her expertise to help each to improve their executive presence and overall confidence in a very short period of time. The women were so thankful to have gone through this experience with Patty and the outcome has been extremely valuable to each of them. Based on the results, we will continue to use Patty's services in the future.

Amy Casai, HR Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Collegiate Employ-Net consortium program and for the programs you conducted at Hillsdale College. The overall responses from your presentations have been extremely positive. For college students, the job market is so competitive that they need an "edge." Your seminar on "Body Language and First Impressions," combined with "Dress for Success," gave them that competitive edge. I find your approach to be very professional yet entertaining. Your high energy level is contagious. The career services directors from the Collegiate Employ- Net consortium gained valuable strategies and methods to deal with a difficult customer, and we have banned together to support our new techniques gained from "Stress and Mess in the Workplace." The tools gained form this seminar will make us all more productive, I am sure. We look forward to continuing our programs with you, and I will contact you soon to establish a fall schedule. Thank you so much."

Joanna Wiseley, Director, Career Planning, Hillsdale College

"On behalf of Horizon Enterprises, Inc., I would like to thank you for facilitating a superior training session in June. Based on the participants' evaluations, your program met the high level of expectations that we have at Horizon. As a training professional, I was impressed with your presentation style. You were able to take a diverse audience and draw them together with your style and program content. This is very challenging and I commend you. You took the time to customize this program based on our needs at Horizon, and this was the key to the program's success. .. I would highly recommend this program to other companies looking to enhance their staff development options. Horizon used this course as an optional, self- enhancement program and received a positive response. Due to this response, we will be able to move forward with our program development process. Thank you for starting us off on the right path."

Training Manager, Horizon Enterprises Group

"Thank you for helping make our Employees Conference such as success! Your presentation on professional image not only helped employees see the positive effects of professionalism, but gave them some essential techniques to make changes in the workplace. The employees at the conference were very enthusiastic about your program. This was evident in the high ratings on their evaluation forms and by the numerous personal comments made to me about the program. You made me look great! I appreciate your enthusiasm and cooperation in putting together a program that was exactly what I was looking for. Your ability to work with my vision and bring it to life was wonderful!"

Conference Planner, Washington Credit Union League

"Thank you so much for visiting our offices to discuss appropriate and professional apparel with our staff. We were looking for a program that would address a number of specific challenges, and you were able to hit them head on for us! Our staff especially enjoyed the segment which demonstrated how six pieces can easily be interchanged to create a number of different outfits. We stress the importance of professionalism and this helps staff be able to comply with our dress code without spending a lot of additional money. Finally, your presentation style was refreshing and certainly kept the attention of our audience. We were all impressed with how well you were able to remember the names of so many people! Thanks again for a great job. I am confident that it will make a lasting impression and impact on our organization."

Heather Bade, V.P. Marketing/Human Resources, Central Macomb Community Credit Union

"Thank you for speaking at our two sessions of the Work Wardrobe Workshop: Your Professional Image on Thursday. The event was definitely considered a success by all. Your presentation surpassed my expectations for the 90 minutes allotted. I believe you are the most knowledgeable speaker on this topic that our office has invited to UM-Dearborn."

Kathleen A. Adams, Senior Career Counselor, University of Michigan - Dearborn