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Choosing a new source for learning or shopping is far simpler when backed by a referral, wouldn’t you agree? Below are a few of my favorite resources for learning, growing (yourself or a business), and of course, looking your best!

Jiffy Steamer

Jiffy Steamer
Protect your clothing investment and keep garments looking top-notch by using the steamer brand that professional dry cleaners use. Consider the J-2 model (item #0221) or the Esteam® travel steamer (Item #0601) to extend the life of your garments -- and the time between dry cleaner visits! Mention Promo Code 225 to receive free shipping on your order.

Smart Women's Cafe


Do you find yourself in front of the camera for webinars? YouTube videos? Media appearances? ShawneTV provides the training and tools to not only get yourself in front of the media, but to present your best camera-ready “being” for any video camera presentations. Check out Shawne’s “Success Store” for the Camera Ready recorded training with Refined Images’ on-camera appearance tips!

Butchko and Company

Butchko And Company

Provide the perfect home for that new, personally supportive wardrobe. You’re feeling better all the time about your image-enhancing wardrobe, here’s the source to create a custom storage environment to organize it! As they say at Butchko And Company, “An organized life is easier to live. Having an easier life that’s beautiful is even better."



Learn more about The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) -- the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. AICI is the grantor of the Certified Image Professional designation earned by Refined Images’ founder, Patty Buccellato.