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Patty is featured along with business experts like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Denis Waitley, and more.

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As a conference or meeting planner, your speaker choices can make or break an event’s success.  I understand that peak-value participant experiences make for a successful conference (and a happy planner!).  Your reputation is at stake and your time is valuable.  With me, you’re assured a no-hassle booking experience for high-energy programs that inspire, educate, and motivate your attendees. 

"Networking Skills For CPA Firm Professionals"

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Audiences Who Profit

Sales Teams

Professional image skills enable a sales rep to present with greater confidence and to establish maximum credibility with prospects.


Impression management skills maintain a leader’s competitive edge among industry counterparts, and creates the internal tone for their own organization.

Business Owners

Clarity in personal branding boosts the networking and business-building skills of entrepreneurs whose every interaction represents their company’s brand.


Professional appearance and demeanor in a manager supports a lead-by-example position and inspires teams to higher levels of excellence.

Service Agents

Polished dress and behavior instills confidence in the public being served, and drives home a “your business matters” message.


Professional presence builds visibility and increases effectiveness with clients, customers, coworkers, and prospects in any field of work. Everyone benefits!

Most Popular Topics

Nuts and Bolts of Image

This module raises awareness of an essential business skill and its powerful role in interpersonal relations.  Attendees learn the most-effective visual messages, the resulting interpretations, and the psychology behind them.

Nonverbal Messaging Made Easy

We speak loudly with our body, but unfortunately, most nonverbal cues are sent unwittingly.  Research shows that no less than 55% of interpersonal interaction is nonverbal!  This session brings attention to our physical communication – the very first language we ever learned.  Though many of us have forgotten its power, the nonverbal remains our most reliable form of communication.  When used with skill and awareness, it has the immense potential to reinforce our verbal message with strength and clarity.

Professional Wardrobe in a Casual World

It has become increasingly difficult to dress appropriately for the modern workplace.  One employer’s norm, is another’s faux pas.  In this module, various levels of workplace dress are defined and visually presented.  We discuss how to communicate a personal brand with “message dressing,” and the practicalities of building an effective, transitional wardrobe on any budget.  Participants learn what to wear to the office versus what to wear to a client meeting – making the distinction between professional casual and undeniably professional attire.   Instead of telling your group what to do, I show them with a fun, hands-on demonstration using real garments (no fashion police allowed!)