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Testimonials - Private Consulting

My makeover with you was amazing. I do believe it helped me present a more positive picture to my clients, co-workers and supervisors. Which, in turn, increased my confidence.

Julia Willison, Tax Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"I feel inspired! I'm excited to know that from my consultation, I have a good base of items in my closet. I know what to put in my shopping basket now to make the complete outfits that flatter me. Your service is worth every dime -- not just for the consultation, but also for the money I'll save by avoiding future shopping mistakes. Now I know what to buy, and what not to."

Jody DeRosier, Teacher by profession; Mom by trade

Wow! Patty has really helped me figure out my new "look" in a new promotion. I now have that glass office, but who is that behind the desk? Thanks to Patty's sharp eye and great advice, I now get the receptionists cheering when I step in in the morning. I feel so much better shopping with my color wheel in hand. Thanks, Patty! This is a game-changer.

Mary Carleton, Librarian

"I feel like I have a map now for shopping -- a 3D map! Instead of just flopping around looking for clothes, (not knowing what's best), I know exactly what to look for."

M. Davis, Partner, Denenberg Tuffley, PLC

"I've shared with many others how you used your tools to assist me in seeing what you were trained to see. Thereby, not just me 'hearing' your opinion... but your training in assisting me to see the results for myself. Thanks again for empowering 'just a mom' to feel so much better and more confident and self assured!!"

Lissa Bande, Flight Attendant

I did a "Half-Day Image Transformation" with Patty and am so glad I did. Four hours with Patty was better than 20 years of reading fashion magazines because she focused on what worked for me. She helped me understand what colors look good on me and why. She also helped me understand what cuts would complement my shape. Now I know what to buy going forward and won't keep making the same expensive mistakes. My first day back at work after my session with Patty, I got multiple compliments (with no prompting!)

Peggy Kingsley, Tax Accounting Senior Manager at Stryker

Patty works with "what you've got" -- from your natural body shape (as it currently is!), to the colors that naturally compliment you and make you look healthy & vibrant, to what size jewelry to wear (large? small?) & where to place it. Who knew there was a "science" to dressing effortlessly?! Having my color fan has made shopping a breeze -- it takes less time, I know what I am buying will work for me, and I don't have to make returns! And, best: Patty works with the styles YOU like whether you are professional & polished, or funky & artistic. Patty helps you express YOUR best self. I feel better about myself AND I am getting compliment after compliment. THANK YOU PATTY!

Janis Garan, Intuitive

"What I notice is that people smile and say hello about 50% more often than before. Maybe I'm noticing more than usual, but I feel more "put together" than I have in a very long time.Your guidance helped give me the courage to make significant changes. I just had to trust and believe in your approach - only good things have come from the experience - and I've learned a whole lot about myself in the process."

Cheryl Schwartz, Healthcare Chief Operating Officer

At PwC, we have had the opportunity to use Patty's services with four of our female staff members. Patty built a close, trusting relationship with each person and utilized her expertise to help each to improve their executive presence and overall confidence in a very short period of time. The women were so thankful to have gone through this experience with Patty and the outcome has been extremely valuable to each of them. Based on the results, we will continue to use Patty's services in the future.

Amy Casai, HR Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

"Thank you so very much for such an enlightening, painless experience. Your enthusiasm, positive nature, kindness, compassion, and encouragement made me feel at ease and (Finally!) capable. Not only did I learn a ton (a TON!), but you also gave me the gift of empowerment. I feel empowered to go out and find the pieces that are right for me, that will flatter me and will make up a versatile wardrobe."

Jessica Beagle, Accountant

"Having a Refined Images' Ultimate Makeover was one of the best decisions I have made this year! Before I met with Patty, I had a closet full of nothing to wear – accumulated over the years or acquired as gifts. I hated shopping, had trouble finding clothes that would fit right, and didn't even know where to begin to update my wardrobe. Once my daughter turned one, I was ready for a change . . . but between running a business and having very young children I did not have the time or inclination to "scour the malls". When Patty came in to do a color analysis and closet review, I was able to free up closet space and get rid of clothes that were not optimal. The experience was easy and comfortable. Plus, it was so easy to ask Patty all my fashion questions. She cut through the magazine and media hype to give me answers that would look best on me and work with my busy life. The Refined Images wardrobe plan has given me purpose and direction when I go to the store, which saves me time and aggravation. The assisted shopping has been a huge timesaver. Patty has also reviewed my own purchases and has saved me money by pointing out quality or fit imperfections. She really shines when it comes to combining existing items in new and different ways. I end up with more combinations and outfits out of a few key pieces than I could have ever imagined. Refined Images services have been well worth the investment."

Sharon White, Founder, Bedside Notes LLC

"At the conclusion of my MBA program, I was preparing for a transition from academia towards a career in a science based, corporate leadership position. I needed to turn my field biologist wardrobe into something that was still comfortably 'me', but which would also help provide a look to back up my credentials. That's when Patty came into the picture. She listened to my situation and immediately understood what needed to happen. Patty engineered a game plan to transform my ordinary, casual work image into one of strength and impact. Her attention to detail and pursuit of perfection in this regard was phenomenal. My wardrobe now has both the flexibility and professionalism to go from day-to-day operations in the laboratory, to meetings with professors and Deans and to boardrooms. We've worked together for two years now, and Patty continues to add value with wardrobe planning and shopping for the various activities in my life, both professional and personal (and not only for me, but family members as well!)."

Russell Hepburn, M.Sc. MBA, Environmental Genomics Facility, Windsor, Ontario

"Thank you SO MUCH for yesterday's adventure! You're correct in your assessment that I will be able to implement my newly-gained knowledge quickly. It all made so much sense that I'm sure I'll never forget it! I'm still in amazement that a good part of my wardrobe was already appropriate for me. I doubt I'll get a chance to do any clothes shopping before I go to Australia, but it's wonderful to know that when I do, it will be with conscious knowledge of what does and doesn't work for me, so that eventually my whole wardrobe will work!"

Gina Piccirelli, NCBTMB, Certified Massage Therapist

"I thought I should let you know that everywhere I go, I'm getting compliments on how great I look -- not bad for a woman in her third trimester! My sister-in-law even asked, "Where are you getting all these great maternity clothes?" Thank you so much for kitting me out in colors, styles and fabrics that suit me so well -- who knew fashion could be this easy and this comfortable! I don't know if I told you how nervous I was before our first consult, wondering if I would have to deal with a fashionista who would want me in stilettos and tightly fitted clothing and who would have no understanding of the lifestyle I lead. Instead, you were funny, high energy and full of enthusiasm. You also made me feel that it was worth looking and feeling great whether I was in the professional realm of a research scientist or staying at home with our new baby-to-be. You showed me that I was spending a maddening amount of money on individual pieces of fashionable clothing but, as you said, many of my clothes were wearing me, not the other way 'round! Also, since the nicer pieces I owned didn't make me feel great when I wore them, I more or less lived in a few ratty t-shirts and pairs of jeans while those expensive clothes sat in the closet! With your help, I'm now investing my money in a coordinated wardrobe composed of selections that suit my body and lifestyle and that make me feel great when I wear them. It's always a privilege to watch a craftswoman at work, and that's what it was like watching you shop! In no time, you threw together one of the most stylish, comfortable maternity wardrobes I've ever seen. All I had to do was show up and try things on for a final look! Painless, quick, efficient and fruitful: everything my much-loathed shopping experiences aren't! I'm hooked, Patty!"

Sara, Mom-to-Be, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"Patty is an expert in how to help clients project a professional image, refine their "look" and assess cut, design, color of clothing to project an image the reflects the person. She was very helpful in showing me how to adapt my current wardrobe, skilled at gently telling me how to enhance the impression I can leave with people, and resourceful in giving me ideas to work with in the price range that I required."

Judy Muhn, Area Manager, United Way of Southeastern Michigan

"Ever since I morphed to "my colors", people can't say enough about how good I look. They don't say...what a nice outfit....they say, you look great and I love that color on you. I can't say enough about what a tremendous value your services are. If people only knew!!"

Kathy Elston, Managing Partner, Elston & Company

"I can't express enough how great it feels to know and understand a little more about the things I should be looking for to better suit my personal style. Phew!! I was getting so worried that I was destined to keep floundering!!!"

Aly Darin, Ali Darin Photography

"I engaged Patty Buccellato for a full style assessment and wardrobe consultation which was amazingly helpful. In the midst of a job change, I needed to revamp my wardrobe without starting from scratch. Patty helped both my wardrobe and me get focused!"

Lisa Bell, Director of H.R., Owens Corning

"The image consultation services Patty provides are invaluable. It is powerful information you will utilize every morning when you open your closet and select your outfit. I now dress with intention, and my visual impression speaks to who I am personally and professionally. Patty is also a delight to work with. She has a real passion for what she does and this passion will help you project your perfect image!"

Kelly Miller, Ford Motor Company

"My wardrobe is completely different than it was when I moved from Boston to Detroit 3 years ago, and I couldn't be happier!"

Anne, Manager, Daimler Chrysler, Michigan/Stuttgart, Germany

"There have been so many times since I first met Patty that I have been told that "you look very pretty today" instead of "nice outfit" or "great blouse" which stands as a great testimonial to Patty's philosophy that you want people to notice you, not your clothes. I could not be more pleased. I always look forward to the next fitting with great excitement."

Laura Corrigan, Working Mom/Neurologist