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Patty is featured along with business experts like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Denis Waitley, and more.

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Patty Buccellato, AICI, CIP

Published Author, Image Coach

Hello.  I'm Patty Buccellato, founder of Refined Images. My passion is helping clients define that often-elusive visual presence that fuels their path to success in work, love, play -- in life.

My Background

In 1993, I founded Refined Images at the dawn of "business casual."  Countless organizations used my staff training programs to uphold professionalism in their new, less formal environments.  Many things have changed since then, but what remains constant, is the importance of an appearance that promotes one's goals.

Today, I am internationally recognized as a Certified Professional Member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), a designation earned by only a handful of consultants around the globe.  I've become expert at bringing my clients out of the closet with a personal style that suits their body, psyche, and circumstances.  Refined Images, based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, helps both organizations and private clients support their bottom lines with purposeful style.

Patty BuccellatoAs a featured co-author in the popular book series, "Stepping Stones to Success," I had the honor of contributing success strategies along with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Denis Waitley, and other expert authors. In the chapter "Driving Success with a Goal-Focused Image," I share how leveraging appearance tools can open doors on the path to success.

Communicating visually isn't a choice, but which message you send is. Make your choice on purpose!
~ Patty Buccellato, AICI, CIP

Private Coaching

Despite popular belief, surveys show that nearly half of all women hate to shop for clothing.   Executives, bankers, physicians, managers, musicians, entrepreneurs,….  many talented and successful women who are among that 50% call upon me for aid.  I bust fashion myths, provide tools, and help them identify their own best style.  The result:  they find permission to break up with “blah” and unleash their natural elegance.

Corporate Training

The founding of Refined Images came in reply to clients’ urgent pleas for order in the workplace.  Corporate staffers had just been introduced to “business casual” and their hunger for workplace dressing solutions led them to Refined Images.  My Professional Presence and Workplace Dressing seminars allowed their managers and human resource teams to once again sleep at night.

Today, my services support employee groups whose firms recognize that productive business development efforts begin with poised and credible brand ambassadors.  Employing the tools of image management lend them that professional edge.  (That polished demeanor doesn’t hurt the organization’s ongoing reputation either.)

Workshops & Seminars

When a middle school speech teacher suggested to my parents that I pursue public speaking, they knew quite quickly there'd be no silencing me.  So, in addition to the corporate groups I've taught about credibility dressing, I've presented at conferences for organizations such as National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Fashion Group International, and multiple industry associations.  Thanks to one astute teacher long ago, my passion thrives while audiences learn the how-to's of looking and feeling fabulous!


Media-trained and practiced, I’ve had the joy of appearing numerous times to cover fashion trends on Fox News, and my work is featured in WXYZ TV Detroit’s “A Whole New You” personal-improvement special.  Client transformation stories have been told in multiple print media features as well.

Extra Curricular

Not quite a fan of algebra or biology, I opted to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising.  It positioned me well for the role of resident stylist to dorm-mates readying for a night on the town in the “bustling” metropolis of Kalamazoo, Michigan (home to Western Michigan University).  The journalism minor rounded out a skill set allowing for the creation of countless style plans and shopping lists that would follow those early college days.  But alas, shopping is but one pastime.

Another pursuit, that of avid recreational SCUBA diver and lover of all things “beach,” draws me to warm, ocean locales (the regions where palm trees live and drinks with tiny umbrellas are served).  I find the colors and creatures of the sea captivating beyond description, and view my work with clients as yet another opportunity to dive below the surface and uncover the uniqueness and beauty in all beings.